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Step4: Pan-dry the potatoes. After draining the water, immediately return the potatoes to the hot stockpot, place it back on the hot burner, and turn the heat down to low. Using two oven mitts, carefully hold the handles on the stockpot and shake it gently on the burner for about 1 minute to help cook off some of the remaining steam within the potatoes. Remove the stockpot entirely from the heat and set it on a flat, heatproof surface.

Step5: Mash the potatoes. Using your preferred kind of potato masher, mash the potatoes to your desired consistency.

Step6: Stir everything together. Then pour half of the melted butter mixture over the potatoes, and fold it in with a wooden spoon or spatula until potatoes have soaked up the liquid. Repeat with the remaining butter, and then again with the cream cheese, folding in each addition in until just combined to avoid over-mixing. (Feel free to add in more warm milk to reach your desired consistency, if needed.)

Step7: Taste and season. One final time, taste the potatoes and season with extra salt if needed.

Step8: Serve warm. Then serve warm, garnished with any extra toppings that you might like, and enjoy!

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