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Cheesy Baked Cabbage Steaks

Cheesy Baked Cabbage Steaks

Are these anything like an actual steak? No. Should that stop you from making them? Also no. What Cheesy Baked Cabbage Steaks really are is an opportunity for cabbage to steal the show. And it definitely takes that opportunity — roasted into sweet, mild cabbage glory, these “steaks” are hearty enough for a main dish and seriously tasty. Whenever I make them, they remind me of garlic bread and if I’m reminded of garlic bread when I’m eating cabbage, I must be doing something right.

This isn’t a situation where you need a long list of fancy ingredients. This is more about how the preparation can transform an ingredient, so you really just need four things — cabbage, olive oil, cheese, and some seasonings.

You’ll want to remove the outer leaves from your cabbage and trim off the stem. Remove any leaves that easily come off and don’t be too precious about it — they’ll fall off anyway once you cut the cabbage up. Then, slice the cabbage up into thick “steaks,” about one inch in thickness.


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